Clinic Anne Marie Turbé a success


What started as a idea! Worked out great! Dutch drivers were treated to a unique learning experience this weekend as international judge Anne Marie Turbé travelled to Stal Aarts in Liessel to give a clinic and reading. Ten drivers braved the wind and rain to present their horses and ponies to the judge, and were in turn rewarded with valuable insight and feedback.

The clinic was organized over two days and was split into morning and afternoon sessions. The sessions consisted of four drivers who would drive their dressage tests while a camera person sat beside the judge filming. As the test was being driven Turbé would give remarks movement by movement and upon completion of the test, the drivers received advice and instruction on how the test could be improved. Drivers would then either work on the movements separately or drive the test again. At the completion of the morning session everyone gathered in the meeting room to watch the videos together and not only receive more feedback but also have the chance to ask questions and discuss their tests. At the completion of the afternoon session on Saturday they were also treated to a presentation on the single horse and pony dressage test 3*BHP1 where she described in detail movement by movement what exactly the judges are looking for and what constitutes the marks that are given. 

The reading on Saturday evening was well attended and consisted of a group of interested and enthusiastic drivers. Anne Marie gave an excellent lecture on the theory behind judging dressage. The group had the very unique opportunity to not only learn the small details and points (both positive and negative) that the judges are looking for, but also join in discussion on how movements and paces should be executed. It was truly refreshing to be able to have this access to such a well informed and knowledgeable judge and everyone went home with a huge amount of information to process.

The second day of the clinic was set up in the same format as the first and with slightly better weather conditions the group saw a huge improvement in the tests being driven. All the participants in the clinic did an excellent job and were rewarded with good advice and lots of homework for the winter months!